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September 14, 2023


13 minutes

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The 7 Top Skills Every Marketer Must Have

We’ve talked about several skills marketers need in previous podcast episodes. Now, let’s bring it all together and give an overview of the seven most important skills we all need to hone. Which ones do you need to work on?

  1. Planning: Just going out and “doing it” will likely end poorly. Get a strategy.
  2. Writing: It’s the key to great communication and creating great content.
  3. Consistency: Pushing hard on social media for a week won’t do much. Keep it up.
  4. Learning: Marketing is always changing, so you must stay infinitely curious.
  5. Testing: Some things work well, and some don’t. It’s vital to know the difference.
  6. Analyzing data: Scale your marketing by uncovering the patterns in the data.
  7. Acceptance: GA4 and AI are coming, like it or not. Know they’re coming and get to work, because hiding is fruitless. Be adaptable.

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