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December 22, 2022


17 minutes

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Professional Development Made Simple For Digital Marketers

The best marketers are constant learners. We must keep up with plenty of trends to remain relevant. To help with that, let’s take a look at the six most popular ways to stay on top of digital marketing professional development.

Why is learning important for marketers?

  • It’s always changing.
  • There are no experts.
  • It keeps you sharp and curious.
  • You can be more well-rounded.

1. Books

2. Podcasts

  • Podcasts are easy to listen passively.
  • Practice active listening: take notes, and take action
  • Some suggestions:

3. Conferences

4. Email newsletters

5. Mentor

  • They help to shortcut experience.
  • Help you focus on a relationship
  • Find someone you want to be more like
  • Find a professional program to help connect you
  • They’re mutually beneficial for both of you

6. Make it stick

  • Make learning a regular habit
  • Take notes to help it remain in your head
  • Take action – implement what you learned
  • Share what you learned