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September 28, 2023


14 minutes

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Building Your Business Marketing Stack

Technology can make marketing easier for your business. The various software tools your company uses for marketing combine to make a marketing stack. But what tools should you use and how do you build the right marketing stack?

What is a marketing stack?

The set of tools and technologies that you use to plan, execute, and measure your marketing efforts.

What are the different categories to consider?

  • Website content management system (CMS)
  • Domain name registrar, DNS, and Website host
  • Customer relationship manager (CRM) database
  • Email marketing platform
  • Social media management
  • Survey & feedback tool
  • Graphic design software

How do you choose the right marketing software?

It’s the classic battle of “all in one” (like Zoho) or the best of each different piece.

I lean toward the best of each piece but certainly combine when I can.

How do you set a budget for your software?

In most cases, for a small business, time is a bigger issue than cost.

The cost for most of these tools doesn’t exceed perhaps $30/user/mo, but it can add up.

Do you need digital tools for everything?

YES! At least that’s our opinion.