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Meeting Details


August 24, 2023


Fireworks Coworking

531 Roselane Street Northwest #400 Marietta, GA 30060


A freelance writer and a published author, Robert brings a wide range of experience to the GreenMellen team. As the Marketing Manager, he supports all our clients' marketing needs, from strategy to implementation.

Robert’s most recent book, The Story Cycle, is all about how businesses can use storytelling to do marketing better.

Interactive Storytelling Workshop for Your Business

The story of your business matters. You get that—but telling that story is easier said than done.

Where do you find the right stories to tell? How do you share stories that resonate with your audience? What is a good story anyway?

In this 3-hour interactive workshop, we’ll walk through crafting an effective brand story together. You’ll leave with a guide to help you tell the right story to the right people.

The cost includes lunch, snacks, and an autographed copy of The Story Cycle by presenter Robert Carnes. Not to mention the invaluable value of clarifying your business’s story and time to network with other local business leaders and marketers.