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Marketing Copywriters: Why You Need One and What To Look For


Words carry meaning, and when used well, they can inspire, inform, entertain, persuade, or any combination thereof. But knowing the right words for the right audience on the right platforms is difficult.

That’s why a strong marketing copywriter is like a superhero.

Effective copywriting elevates your entire marketing game. After all, writing is the most underrated skill every marketer needs. But you don’t always have time to develop your writing, nor do you have the time or interest to do it all yourself.

If you’re interested in hiring a marketing copywriter, let this be your guide to understanding their importance, how to work with them, and what skills to look for.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Copywriter

Copywriting touches every aspect of marketing. Here’s a short (and far from comprehensive) list of marketing platforms that benefit from good copywriting.

  • Website pages
  • Blog posts (like this one!)
  • Email campaigns
  • Print materials
  • Digital ads
  • Social media posts

It’s not enough to write any of these things by default—they should be written carefully and intentionally if you hope for your marketing to be effective. Here are a few benefits you get from hiring a good copywriter:

Hiring Your Own Copywriter vs. Outsourcing

Once you realize that you need a good copywriter, there are a few different routes for you to take.

  • You can hire a copywriter on staff. This works best if you have a lot of copywriting needs. Hiring and training your own copywriter takes time and resources, but is worth it if you have lots of writing and the budget to accommodate.
  • You can assign copywriting duties to an existing team member. This leverages your current staff but might not be an option if there’s no margin on the team.
  • You can outsource projects to a freelancer. Freelancers provide flexibility and are cost-effective. However, this requires finding the right copywriter in an overwhelming sea of gig workers.
  • You can work with a marketing agency. Marketing agencies will be cheaper than a staff member but more expensive than a freelancer. The benefit here is the wide range of resources and stability.

But What About Artificial Intelligence?

We knew you would ask about that, and we didn’t even need a robot to tell us.

Yes, artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing tool in digital marketing. However, it’s not always the complete answer. AI tools can help you elevate your copywriting game, but we don’t recommend using them to completely replace human copywriters—at least not yet.

The best marketing copywriters understand how to use AI to scale their work. They still write most of the words themselves but don’t rely on these tools entirely.  For example, some of the ideas and research behind this post was supported by Google Bard and ChatGPT, but the majority of the words themselves were written by a human.

9 Qualifications Every Marketing Copywriter Needs

  1. Marketing Knowledge: A great copywriter understands marketing best practices and how to incorporate them into their writing. They should know your audience, industry, brand, and marketing channels and how to customize a message for each context
  2. Adaptability: Different projects require different tones, styles, and approaches. A skilled copywriter can adapt their writing to suit the specific needs of the project or brand. They can also write for various platforms—from websites to social media posts.
  3. Research Skills: To create persuasive copy, a copywriter must research the product, industry, competitors, and target audience. Look for someone who can gather and analyze information effectively using various sources.
  4. Understanding of SEO: Search engine optimization is vital for online marketing success. A copywriter who knows how to incorporate relevant keywords and optimize content for search engines can add significant value to your marketing efforts.
  5. Proficiency: Every copywriter must be an excellent writer with a strong command of language. Look for someone who can write compelling, clear, and error-free copy.
  6. Creativity: A good copywriter should be able to think outside the box and come up with fresh, innovative ideas to engage the target audience effectively.
  7. Attention to Detail: Marketing copy often requires adherence to specific guidelines and brand standards. A copywriter with keen attention to detail can ensure accuracy and consistency. They’ll also be able to submit work on deadline consistently.
  8. Experience: Look for a copywriter with experience in the specific type of marketing content you need. Review their portfolio to gauge the quality of their previous work.
  9. Communication: A copywriter often works as part of a marketing team. Good communication skills and collaboration with designers, marketers, and other team members are essential.

Need Help Finding a Good Marketing Copywriter

At GreenMellen, we offer a range of digital marketing services that involve writing. This includes writing for your website, managing a blog, or creating SEO-focused topics through keyword research. 

In each of these cases, you’ll be connected with a marketing professional who takes your business audience and context into account. Connect with us today to learn how we can elevate your marketing with better copywriting.

About the Author

Robert Carnes

Marketing Manager

Robert Carnes is a freelance writer, published author, and professional marketer. His book, The Story Cycle, is your business's guide to becoming a better marketer. Robert lives in Atlanta and you can follow him on social media @jamrobcar.

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