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Making the Most Out of Your Website’s About Page

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While every website we build at GreenMellen is custom, there are a handful of pages that should be on all websites. This list includes a homepage, a contact page, and, the most personal of the three, an About page.

Crafting an effective About page is crucial for any website, as it gives visitors insight into the purpose, values, and people behind your company. It’s more than just a compilation of facts; it’s the narrative that defines your journey, mission, and the team behind the scenes. 

Let’s explore how to make the most out of your website’s About page to engage with your audience and set the stage for building trust and fostering connections.

Identify What Works for Your Audience

All About pages are not one-size-fits-all; tailoring your About page to meet the needs and expectations of your target audience is the first step in creating a meaningful connection.

If you already have an About page on your website, look at your website analytics to gather insights into your audience’s demographics and user journey. Are they primarily young professionals, parents, or tech enthusiasts? Do they spend an ample amount of time on your About page? What other pages are they viewing on your website? 

Understanding these details will guide you in shaping your content to resonate with their interests.

Share Your Company and Brand Story

Stories have the power to captivate and connect. Your About page should tell your brand’s story – the journey, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped it into what it is today.

A great place to start is by sharing the founder’s story. What inspired the inception of your brand? What problem did you solve that was missing from the market? What’s your vision for the future of the brand?

You can also highlight critical milestones and achievements that showcase your growth and evolution over time (this would also be a great visual piece to add, which we will discuss later). 

Let Your Mission and Values Shine

A transparent representation of what you strive for and what matters to you most will build authenticity and resonate with like-minded individuals. That’s why we recommend adding your brand’s mission and values. 

Not sure what to say? Ask yourself: what principles guide your decisions and actions? What drives your business to do what you do? Or, better yet, you can work with an agency on your messaging strategy to help you craft these statements! 

Highlight Your Team and Culture

An About page can shine a light on one of your most important commodities: your team! You can also opt to create a separate page about your team, but if you want to “humanize” this page a bit, create a section for each of your team member’s bio, their role with the company, a headshot, and anything else you want to mention about them. 

Visuals to Consider

No matter how great the content on your About page is, it could look lackluster without some supporting visual elements. These visuals should complement the content on the page, capture the user’s attention, and convey information quickly.

A few to consider would be:

  • Headshots of your team
  • A timeline with historical company milestones
  • Images of your team working behind-the-scenes
  • High-quality images from when the company first started
  • Candid shots of your team at your workspace, company outings, business events, etc.
  • Custom infographics that support any specific metrics or statistics laid out 
  • Video content of your team, your company, etc.

As long as these visual aids support your message, you can’t go wrong!

Let Customer Testimonials Do The Talking

Showcasing positive experiences from customers and partners is a compelling way to build trust and credibility. 

Select testimonials that highlight the positive experiences your customers have had with your products or services. Include real stories and quotes that resonate with your audience, address common pain points, and demonstrate how your brand provides solutions.

If applicable, include endorsements from partners or collaborators in your industry. These endorsements not only build credibility, but also strengthen your connections within the industry.

Conclude with a Strong Call-To-Action

After users have heard your story, learned more about your company, and heard the words from your loyal customers, you need to end the page with a clear call-to-action of what they should do next.

The go-to option is to encourage users to contact you to get started with working with you. Make sure there is a clear button that links to your contact page, or include a form where users can submit their information.

Another call-to-action to consider could be to “Join The Team” if you are hiring, leading to your website’s Careers page or a job board. 

Favorite Examples of About Pages

Here are a handful of our favorite About Pages to help inspire your website:

Crafting an impactful About page takes careful planning and thought, but the payoff is worth it. We hope this post helps you create a compelling About page that captivates and engages your audience!
If you need help with your About page or any other pages on your website, contact GreenMellen today!

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