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Should you get a netbook or a tablet?

Netbook or tablet? With all of my talk about the Motorola Xoom lately, you’d think my answer would be “tablet”, but it’s not that easy…

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Why are churches so far behind?

I was recently asked a question, based on this chart: If [that chart] is true, then why are churches so far behind in web site…

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More on churches and Twitter

Last month, I wrote a post about churches not responding well on Twitter and it got a nice response.  I followed it up with a…

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More churches are on Twitter, but are they listening?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, more and more churches are hopping onto Twitter and it’s becoming quite common to see the blue [T] icon in…

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More clicks = better rankings in Google?

I was talking to @jasonbhuffman on Twitter about search engine optimization on his church site, and he told me this: I was informed that on…

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You’ve gotta give before you can get

It’s a idea we’ve all heard before: You’ve gotta give before you can get.  Churches often apply it to tithing, many apply to social networking…

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Don’t be like a “University Website”

A few weeks back, the popular comic strip xkcd posted an image titled “University Website“.  It was simply a Venn diagram that showed the difference…

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Seriously, your church isn’t made of bricks

I talked about this four years ago, but feel it’s worth mentioning again. If you ask most someone: “Tell me about your church“, they’ll usually…

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Churches: Stop contemplating social media and just dive in.

Over the past year, I’ve worked with a variety of churches to help get their social media effort off the ground or help to fine-tune…

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