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Why We Never Put Our Brand on The Websites We Build


You see it all the time. Browse a company’s website, and you’ll see “Designed by Random Marketing Company” or something similar. This links back to the marketing agency’s website. It’s usually in the footer or somewhere inconspicuous.

Seems harmless enough, right?

We don’t do that on the websites we build. Why not?

Simple: it’s bad for your business.

Our main goal is to help your business succeed

By adding a link to the footer of your site, marketing companies help themselves at your expense. and are acting naively, greedily, or simply short-sighted.

That link impacts your Google ranking

One of the best things we do for our clients is to help them rank well in Google searches. One of the influences on search rank is a lack of unnecessary links on your site to leak your “link juice”.

Pretend your home page has 12 units of “link juice” (which we’ll use to show the imaginary level of value Google has placed on your site). You can use those 12 units any way you want. If you have two links on your home page, each link would get 6 units and those pages would benefit from that by ranking well in Google for their own search terms.

If GreenMellen adds our link in the footer, suddenly your 12 units are split three ways, and your other pages only get 4 units each.

That’s not a big deal for a single page, but think about that happening on every page of your site. By the time Google works its way through your dozens of pages, you’ll have lost so much juice to our silly footer link that it’ll make for a noticeable hit on your bottom line.

It’s a little thing that makes a difference

Again, this is just a small piece of the big picture. We also work hard to build your navigation in such a way that Google likes it, make sure your title and header tags are in place, and many other tiny tweaks.

Added up, those things will help put you at the top of Google and bring extra customers to your business.

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Mickey Mellen

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