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What Visuals are Important in Your Marketing


Content is one of the most important assets your business needs to make time for, but there’s no denying the positive impact visuals can add to your marketing. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of people are visual learners, and 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual! While content will state the messaging you want to convey to your audience, visuals will not only support the message, but present it in a way that will resonate with them.

Here’s an in-depth look into the types of visuals you should include in your marketing campaigns.

Images (Preferably Original)

The simplest form of visuals is images, which can easily be added in your blog posts, print collateral, website, and digital marketing campaigns (email, social, etc.). Why are they worth adding? Attention spans are short, and blocks of content can quickly bore or overwhelm your audience. By breaking up your content with images, you will be able to keep your readers engaged.

If possible, you should use original images that are related to your text. This adds a more personal touch to your efforts and could save you money in the long run. If that’s not an option (and it won’t always be), you can use a stock photo website and browse their endless supply of high-quality photos.

One thing to never do is browse through Google Images and download photos from there for your marketing pieces. Not only will the quality of the photos be poor, but it can put you at risk for a lot of legal trouble. Images that are used without the owner’s consent or proper payment can be a reason for serious legal action, so it’s best to stay away from sourcing images this way.

Video Content

Video marketing is increasing in popularity and focus for many businesses and should be something to consider for yourself. If you don’t think your business would benefit from using videos in your digital marketing, think again! More likely than not, people are searching for how-to videos, explainer videos, customer testimonials or demonstrations that your business can deliver.

Again, if you can take the time to make your own video content, this will do wonders for your SEO and credibility. If it wasn’t on your docket before, this should be something to consider.


We love infographics and creating them for our clients, as these are a unique way to display information visually. In case you don’t know what an infographic is, here’s one we created last year:

What we love the most about infographics is their ability to be reused throughout all your marketing campaigns. You can add them to your print collateral, make it a part of an email campaign, or place them on your website or social media. If you want to learn more about how you can create your own infographic, we’d love to help you out!


Screenshots can be useful in many situations. You can give a glimpse into the backend of your products or services, back up your sales pitch, or serve as a preview of your software (and those are just some examples). This visual element can build trust with your customers and show your product capability, and it should be something you utilize for your marketing.

Motion Graphics

Take your visual elements to the next level by adding motion graphics into your digital marketing. This can include gifs, animations, or illustrations, and they all capture and keep people’s attention. You can use these to create humor, support your message, or demonstrate an example. The possibilities are endless, and they’re very easy to embed into your projects.

Text can be hard to consume at times, but visuals are always easy to digest. Take advantage of adding visuals into your marketing, and make your marketing more effective!

To learn more about adding visuals into your marketing, contact us today!

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