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Turn on HTTPS to make your Facebook and Twitter more secure


A few weeks ago, Facebook added the ability to always use a secure connection when accessing their site.  This doesn’t improve your security at home, but will help prevent people from “sniffing” your account when you’re on public wifi at Starbucks and places like that.

To set that up, simply go to your Account Settings page, click on [Account Security] near the bottom, and then check the box to “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”, as shown here:


Twitter has had the same issue as Facebook (vulnerabilities when on public wifi) and yesterday they finally rolled out the https option for users.

The solution is quite similar to Facebook — just go to your settings page and check the box at the bottom for “Always use HTTPS”, as shown here:

Just do it

Many of the posts are this blog are merely suggestions, with various advantages and disadvantages that you need to dig through. This isn’t one of those cases, as there’s no real disadvantage — it takes just a few seconds to set this up on each account of yours, so take a minute now and get it done.

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