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All Things WordPress: WordPress Hooks: Actions and Filters


Anyone who has worked with WordPress before knows that it is both flexible and extensible; mainly because of the sheer number of plugins and themes available. However, without hooks, WordPress would have no plugins and themes would be very limited in what they could do. Hooks have played a key role in WordPress’s success and it is vital for any WordPress coder to understand how they work.

Guest speaker Micah Wood of Narwhal Digital hosted this Meeup and discussed:

  • The two types of WordPress hooks: actions and filters- What hooks WordPress makes available
  • Where to place your code to ensure it is run
  • When code is run in WordPress and how to control priority
  • How to leverage hooks in your own code
  • Why the hook system is a great implementation of the open/closed principle
  • Ways you could leverage hooks to do awesome things in WordPress

Check out the slides and video from this Meetup below and take a look at our upcoming Meetups!

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