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How to change your WordPress username

For years, when you installed WordPress it would suggest that you set your username to “admin”. As a result, millions of WordPress sites have a…

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Protect your WordPress site now

As we speak, WordPress sites across the internet are under heavy attack from a botnet of roughly 90,000 computers.  Fortunately, you’re rather unlikely to have…

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Why do I need to worry about WordPress updates?

One of the pieces we offer as part of our WordPress development is ongoing maintenance — security updates, plugin updates, etc.  Why does that matter?…

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The steps we take when upgrading your WordPress site

WordPress is an amazing tool and we use it for virtually all of our client sites, but it’s essential to keep it upgraded.  Because of…

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Turn on HTTPS to make your Facebook and Twitter more secure

Facebook A few weeks ago, Facebook added the ability to always use a secure connection when accessing their site.  This doesn’t improve your security at…

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How to make your Gmail much more secure

Google has always worked hard to make sure Gmail is secure and they’ve done a great job with it.  However, with so many people having…

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