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SEO and Branding: A Winning Pair


If you really think about it, search engine optimization and branding are a winning pair because when they’re both on point, a business’s marketing efforts are too.

If a business has built a solid brand presence, it will, in turn, increase their SEO effectiveness. If they’ve taken the time to plan a strong SEO strategy, their brand is probably well known in today’s Internet market. It’s obvious that both branding and SEO matter, and we’d argue that trying to excel in one without the other is a lost cause.

Get to know how this partnership of SEO and branding can accelerate a business’s online reputation and be a winning pair for any business, big or small!

Why SEO and Branding Are Important Together

SEO isn’t what it used to be; although it’s always had the same goal, its tactics have morphed. Unlike the earlier days where someone could make a simple tweak to their website to improve their rankings, SEO now happens to play an essential role in branding. Because of this, a well-planned SEO strategy needs to match a business’s branding strategy.

Branding is what helps customers identify a business’s products/services and recognize what they stand for. Along with their offering, their company website, social media presence and content all represent their brand. In order to get visitors to land on their website, the visitors must recognize their brand when they perform a search for the business.

Because of these facts, it’s clear that SEO and branding go hand in hand. While SEO helps a business get found, branding builds trust and allows audiences to identify them.

How to Make an Impact in Both

The key to being strong in both branding and SEO is consistency. That means after a branding strategy is in place, the website, social media presence and content strategy need to uphold the brand’s promise. If they do not correlate, online visitors will be confused and may consider other options.

People prefer to do business with brands they trust and are familiar with, and the actions they take online send signals to search engines, that result in higher or lower rankings. Also, even if a business has performed the technical stuff correctly, if their website’s content falls short of visitor expectations they will immediately push the back button on their browser. Search engines will pick up on these signals and give these websites a lower ranking.

In summary, SEO and branding are inseparable from each other because great content mixed with a strong social media and brand message will produce a higher ranking. With a higher ranking, a business will earn trust, which will then lead to a target customer to click their URL and eventually become a customer.

The next time you revamp your branding strategy, make sure to consider your SEO strategy with it (and vise versa). You’ll see results in the long run and be seen as a front-runner in digital marketing within your industry.

For more information about SEO, branding or their relationship, contact GreenMellen Media today!

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