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March 2, 2023


12 minutes

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How to Write a Book For Marketers

Most people say that they’d like to write a book one day, but few ever do. Book publishing is a challenging but rewarding process that too few get to experience. Luckily, one of our co-hosts has firsthand experience to share with any marketer or business leader looking to write a book.

Our co-host Robert Carnes has written three books, including his latest book The Story Cycle, all about storytelling for businesses. He shares his insights on the process of writing a book and how it’s more achievable than you might imagine.

Writing the book

  • Choose a topic you can live with for a year
  • Collect ideas and save them somewhere.
  • Organize your ideas into chapters and sections.
  • Write a crappy first draft to get it out of your system.
  • Let it breathe for a while and give yourself a break.

Editing the book

  • Aim to work on at least 4-5 revisions.
  • Writing and editing are different skills.
  • Knowing when to share with other people is tricky.
  • Share with 4-6 people to give you initial feedback.
  • Hire an editor who you trust to be objective.
  • Come up with a title that’s clear and catchy.

Designing the book

  • Collect 10-12 books whose covers & interiors you like. And explain why.
  • Layout the book or get a professional to do it for you.
  • Design the cover to be different from your competition.
  • Focus group the title and cover with examples of your audience.

Distributing the book

  • Either through a publisher or through Amazon self-publishing.
  • This process is still opaque and hard to understand.
  • The more versions (print, hardback, audio, e-book) the better.
  • You don’t have to do every format at once- releasing a new format later is a secondary launch.

Promoting the book

  • Use the book like a business card. Helps to build your credibility.
  • The process of promotion never really ends.
  • Break the book down into content chunks to share.
  • Guest blog posts. Lead magnets. Podcast episodes. Speaking engagements.
  • Create a list of everything you can think of to keep going.