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August 4, 2022


13 minutes

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Balancing Remote Work with In-Office Work

Remote work has been around for decades, but a global pandemic and booming technology have allowed for working from home to become more commonplace. But is this practice a fad or the future of work? How do businesses handle this changing landscape of work?

Is this the desirable benefit some people think it is? Is it the future or a fad?

  • Depends largely on the industry.
  • Some businesses are able to get away with it more than others.
  • It can also be individual. Some people are more productive at home than the office.

How have we made this work at GreenMellen?

In-person work:

  • Collaboration time
  • Social time

Remote work:

  • Block your lunch hour
  • Stay on communication channels

What are some of the benefits or disadvantages as we see it?

  • Pros: more flexibility, no commute, happier employees, save $$ on offices
  • Cons: less face time, abuse of company time, less collaboration, more isolation

How can other businesses prepare for more remote or hybrid work?

  • Find the right communication channels—Slack, Zoom, Loom, etc.
  • Help people set boundaries (reference our episode on mental health)
  • Find ways to maintain a culture and keep people plugged in
  • Keep an open mind and listen to what your team expects

How does this impact marketing?

  • Online presence matters even more than ever—both for customers and the team
  • Collaboration and communication become a challenge, but still achievable
  • Save money in office space and put it back into marketing that has direct results?