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How I sold my house on facebook

We don’t typically go into detail about personal events on our blog, but something amazing recently happened in over at the Green household that I can’t help but share with you all…

We sold our house in one week using facebook.

Yes. you heard me right. One week — with no realtor in a market like THIS. How did we do it, you ask? Well, admittedly it helps that we have an amazing network of neighbors and friends who were happy to spread the word, but our only true medium for marketing was facebook.

You see, I decided to go back to what I know best: websites, strong imagery, and social networking. Real estate is stuck in one of the biggest ruts of all time right now, and when this happens it takes a non-traditional route to break the mold. When selling your home via the traditional route, it becomes one of thousands of listings in a database. You need more than luck to be on your side for the perfect buyer to stumble across your home quickly! So I figured why not treat our home as if it is our biggest prized possession and give it it’s own sales platform to sell itself?

So, before we listed our house on the market with all the the others out there, I decided to take all the photographs I took for MLS and place them in a tasteful WordPress template from ElegantThemes. Once the website was complete, I simply blasted (yes, blasted) all my facebook friends with our announcement that we had decided to sell our home. The neighborhood we live in also has a very active facebook group where I posted the same announcement. It was this group that eventually led to three walk-throughs in four days, followed by a signed contract at the end of the week.

Throughout the week, we found it very amusing to watch the traffic climb each day. With every share, like, and comment on my post, the traffic on our site would jump just that much more. Within three days we had 459 visits, 92% of which were unique visitors. Of course, many of the visits were just friends wanting to check out our website, but all it took was a few of those friends to spread the word to potential buyers to seal the deal.

8-28-2014 6-34-26 PM

It’s humorous to see how quickly traffic dropped off once we stopped promoting the site, but by that time we had a handful of inquiries already. If the house hadn’t sold in 2 weeks time via facebook, we were planning on taking it to the market. Luckily, being very plugged in to our community on facebook allowed us to avoid this route.

We’re forever grateful for such a speedy sale, but this outcome now only means one thing…we need to find a new house!

If you’re interesting in learning more about the power of social media, contact GreenMellen Media today!

Do any of you have success stories about successfully selling something using facebook; whether it be a car, a home, or a product / service? Do share!


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