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Sustainable marketing ideas

Whether you’re a marketing planner, public relations officer, or a small business owner, you are constantly trying to create a lasting impression of your brand.

This Earth Day we have a handful of eco-friendly marketing ideas that can help to establish a sustainable image for your company.

paper1. Use recycled paper

Printers offer many options for recycled paper when printing your marketing pieces. Not only can this give your marketing material a tactile, textured finish, but by adding a note stating “only recycled goods are being used for marketing materials,” you can also gain good will from your clients.

blog2. Take advantage of digital media

Taking your marketing campaign to the digital world can eliminate a substantial amount of paper waste. While there is certainly a place for printed material, think about digital options such as videos, commercials, social media, blogs, digital billboards, and eNewsletters. By strategically planning your digital marketing efforts, you may find going digital will be economical for both your wallet and the environment.

tote3. Offer green incentives

People always appreciate giveaways and freebies. Show your customers your company supports bettering the environment by giving away sustainable items. A few ideas include: branded watering cans, seed packets, small trees, bird seed, and tote bags. Feel free to share other eco-friendly collateral ideas!

plan4. Plan ahead

In the end, an environmentally friendly marketing plan should be a lifestyle change for your company rather than a fleeting attempt on Earth Day. Start thinking about how you can reorient your company to lessen the impact your daily activities make on the environment and start creating a sustainable brand image.

What are some green-initiatives you’ve pursued in your company? Have any of them proved to be beneficial for your brand image?


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Ali Green

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Schooled in both design and marketing, Ali adds the analytical skills of an engineer to complicated digital marketing strategies.

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