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Our favorite extensions for Google Chrome

Chrome-logo-2011-03-16We love Google Chrome. While we keep a wide variety of browsers installed on our computers for testing purposes, we all use Google Chrome virtually 100% of the time. It’s fast, stable and secure, and it comes with a rapidly growing set of “extensions”.

Extensions are Google’s word for “plugins”; a way to make Chrome more useful for you. There are thousands of extensions to choose from, but below are some of our favorites. A great thing about Chrome is that if you’re logged into your Google Account in the browser settings, all of the extensions are automatically synced across all of your computers.


Buffer is a great app for sending content to your social networks. You can toss a bunch of stuff at it while you’re reading, and it will slowly “buffer” them out for you over the course of the day. This extension gives you one-click access to Buffer any page or article while you’re reading it. {download extension}


ColorZilla gives you quick access to “pick” colors out of a web page. If you want to know exactly what shade of green you’re looking at, this can be very helfup. It even has a “webpage color analyzer” to show you all of the colors on a page. {download extension}


We love Evernote here at GreenMellen, and this extension gives you a simple way to save web content to your Evernote account. {download extension}

Google Cast

We love Google’s nifty ChromeCast devices; we each have a few of them at our homes, and one in the studio. This extension allows you to quickly push content from your browser to the ChromeCast device of your choosing. {download extension}

Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple and effective tool for taking notes. If you use an Android device, the seamless syncing between computer and phone/tablet is awesome. If you use an iPhone, it’s not quite as useful. As an Android guy, I love this one! {download extension}

HootSuite Hootlet

Hootsuite is a great tool for managing social media accounts, and their extension gives you quick access to publish content from any page. {download extension}


We all use LastPass to help manage our passwords, and this extension is essential if you really want to make LastPass a consistent part of your life. {download extension}

Page Analytics by Google

This is a neat extension that pulls in Google Analytics data while you’re viewing any site that you have Analtyics access for. {download extension}

Save to Pocket

Pocket is a great place to store all of that stuff that you “need to read later”. If you have this extension installed, you can click it when you’re viewing any page that you’d like access to the future and it’ll save it for you. {download extension}


If you’ve ever been on a site and wondered “what did they use to create this?”, then you’ll love Wappalyzer. With one click, you can see the software behind a site, including CMS (like WordPress) and other pieces that have gone into it. {download extension}


This a handy little tool to quickly learn about the font on a page; face, size, line height, color, etc. {download extension}

Those are some of our favorite Chrome extensions. What are some of yours?

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