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Why and How to Properly Manage Your WordPress Website

Too many people think having a site is a “set it and forget it” project. But it’s essential to make sure your site is secure and up-to-date on a daily basis.

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GreenMellen Celebrates 20 Years of WordPress

May 27, 2023, is the 20th anniversary of WordPress—the most popular content management system on the internet. Much has changed about the web since 2003, but WordPress has been an important fixture for many who develop websites.

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6 Essential Pieces in the Anatomy of a Successful Website Homepage

Of all pages on your website, your homepage is the most important. Your home page serves as the main entry for your entire website. It…

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The One Magical Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Website Visibility

There are plenty of things that the first point could refer to. However, there’s one thing that rises above all of the others, and it’s far more common than I’d like to see.

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Why Maintaining Your Website is Crucial for Your Business Goals

Building a new website can be a long process, but the joy of launch date is hard to beat! Once the site is launched, though,…

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4 Reasons Why We Exclusively Work With WordPress Websites

At GreenMellen, we’re big believers in the power of WordPress. I’ve personally been using it since 2004, and our agency has been using it exclusively for more than a decade now. But why? There are a lot of great content management systems out there, so what makes us stick with WordPress? There are four big reasons.

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Why Work with a WordPress Expert on Your Website

WordPress has built a reputation as a powerful, user-friendly content management system (CMS) that powers 40% of the Internet. At GreenMellen, it’s what we build…

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What to Do After Your WordPress Website Launches

Congratulations! You just launched your new or redesigned website. We know firsthand all the steps and time it takes to create a polished, user-friendly website,…

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6 Common Mistakes New WordPress Users Make

In our opinion, WordPress is the perfect content management system (CMS) for both beginners and experts. It’s user-friendly enough that newbies can manage the content…

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The Guide to Getting More Links to Your Website

If you’ve thoroughly researched search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll learn that getting other sites to link to yours is a critical piece to ranking well….

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How to Handle Your Ongoing Website Maintenance

One of the biggest misconceptions about websites is that once it’s live, it’s not a concern anymore. Sites require ongoing maintenance to make sure they’re…

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Why WordPress?

At GreenMellen, we are great advocates for WordPress. We use the popular CMS on each site we build and train clients to use it themselves…

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8 Easy-to-Miss On-Page SEO Techniques

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is much more in-depth than placing a keyword or phrase in your website content, meta descriptions and page titles. As…

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7 Common WordPress Myths Debunked

At GreenMellen, we love all things WordPress. Every website we build uses this content management system (CMS), we keep up with the latest news and…

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Digital Marketing Benefits of WordPress

WordPress holds a very special place in our hearts because of its intuitiveness, simplicity, and customization capabilities. And, it seems like the rest of the…

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