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My new favorite app: Waze

wazeRob and I were getting ready to drive to Florida for the holiday when I friend mentioned that I should download the Waze app before I set off. Where have I been? Seriously.

Waze is a crowd sourced traffic app available for all smart phones.  It will alert you to police, traffic, objects in the road, rain, accidents, cars on the shoulder, and probably some other things that I just haven’t run into yet.

We missed the sudden slow down on 75 south because of a tire in the left lane.  (We knew far enough in advance to move over.)  We also pulled the dog’s head in from the window right before the rain started.  (Narrowly missing being trapped in the car with a wet labrador.)  We knew exactly where the police were.  (No comment.  I NEVER speed….)  I might be the app’s biggest fan.

Waze let’s you personalize home and office addresses so that you can plan your commute.  I haven’t played with this beyond plugging in the information, but I’m anticipating some better drive times.

My only complaint about Waze is that in order to really participate in the Waze community, you have to tap the alerts.  This worked fabulously when I was the copilot on our long drive, but won’t work so well when it’s just me in the car.

Perhaps they will read my post and add some voice commands?   A girl can hope.

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You can download the Waze app here.

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