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Thousands of new top-level domains are coming

tld-wordsYou’re familiar with .com, .net, .org and .edu, along with some less-popular ones like .co and .us, but did you know that thousands of new top-level domains (“TLDs”) will be released in the next year?

Companies have been submitting applications for new TLDs for the past year (at a cost of $185,000 each) and the full list of potential new TLDs has been released.

Here are some of the more interesting ones:

A — .academy .ads .airforce .app .arab .art .associates .auction .auto
B — .baby .band .basketball .berlin .bid .bike .blog .blue .book .broadway .budapest .business .buy .bzh
C — .cab .cam .camp .capital .career .careers .cars .casa .center .chat .church .city .clothing .cloud .coach .codes .company .construction .contractors .coupon .cpa .cymru
D — .dance .data .deal .deals .delivery .democrat .dental .desi .design .diamonds .diet .docs .dog .durban
E — .earth .eco .email .engineer .equipment .estate
F — .fashion .film .fishing .flowers .food .furniture
G — .gallery .game .gay .gifts .gmbh .graphics .green .gripe .guide .guru
H — .health .help .helsinki .hiv .holdings .home .hosting .hotel .how
I — .immo .immobilien .insurance
K — .kim .kiwi .koeln
L — .land .lat .law .lawyer .lease .live .llc .love .ltd
M — .management .media .melbourne .memorial .menu .mobile .mov .music
N — .news .now .nyc
O — .online
P — .paris .party .pets .pictures .pink .pizza .play .plumbing .poker .property
R — .radio .realestate .realty .red .reise .reisen .review .reviews .rugby
S — .salon .school .shop .singles .site .ski .solutions .soy .sports .spot .surgery .swiss .systems
T — .tattoo .tech .technology .thai .theater .tickets .tour .trading
U — .university .uno
V — .ventures .versicherung .vip .vodka .voyage
W — .web .webcam .wed .wedding .wiki .wow

Just looking at the list I see quite a few that we’ll need to buy.  I’m not sure they’ll be necessary, but I’d rather not have someone grab or instead of us.

It also makes me wonder about where this will lead in the future.  If New York will have .nyc, will other cities need to grab their equivalent (like .atl for Atlanta)?

As the names begin rolling out, various registrars will start making them available for sale.  Some, like, are already taking feedback to try to figure out which ones are worth adding to their systems.  I’m sure we’ll see quite a marketing push on many of these once they get going.

Do any of them sound particularly appealing to you?

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