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GreenMellen Takes Home Two 2023 AMA Marketing Awards

GreenMellen was awarded two Atlanta Marketer of the Year (AMY) awards by the Atlanta chapter of the American Marketing Association on Wednesday evening.

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GreenMellen Named As Finalist for Annual AMA Atlanta Award

GreenMellen has been named as a finalist for an annual award for the annual AMYs awards ceremony organized by the Atlanta chapter of the American Marketing Association.

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Own Your Search Results Page With More Than Just Your Website

When it comes to ranking well in search results, there are two very different areas where people tend to focus.

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The One Magical Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Website Visibility

There are plenty of things that the first point could refer to. However, there’s one thing that rises above all of the others, and it’s far more common than I’d like to see.

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The 7 Types of Website Traffic Sources (And How To Increase Each One)

The internet is vast and treacherous, which means we rely on a number of ways to navigate to the right content and sites. Therefore it should come as no surprise that people come to your website from a variety of places.

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Low-Quality Web Pages: How to Find Them and Fix Them

While it’s important to focus your attention on your SEO-optimized pages, it’s just as important to take notice to your low-quality pages.

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How Google decides to index your content

I like to tell people that “Google doesn’t search the internet” because technically it doesn’t. Instead, Google makes a copy of as much of the…

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Single page web sites are trendy, but are they really what you need?

A popular trend in websites lately is a single-page design. An example would be this theme from StudioPress; it has a few sub-pages, but is…

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Keywords 101: 4 Phases of Keyword Research

“Hey Siri… Where can I buy an apple?” It all starts with a web search. Keywords, simply put, are the words typed into a search…

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What is the “duplicate content penalty”?

If you’ve done much research into search engine optimization, you’ve likely heard that you should be wary of duplicate content to avoid a penalty from…

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SEO and single page websites

One of the hotter trends lately are single-page websites; long scrolling pages that put all of the site’s content on a single page. Many of…

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The Website SEO Checklist

When taking a look at a new site, we have a variety of things that we look at as we work on creating a plan…

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Come join us at WordCamp Birmingham

WordCamp Birmingham is coming up in a few weeks (August 16) and we’re getting excited about it! Jenny Munn and myself will be leading a…

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How voice search is changing the keywords we use

Google has been around for 15 years, and while they are continually updating their algorithm we’ve been continually updating the way we search. A popular…

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Google’s Panda 4.0 Review

On Tuesday, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, announced via Twitter that Google was pushing out their updated Panda Algorithm, code-named Panda 4.0. Google is…

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