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droid maxx

Will smart watches lead to larger phones?

I have a pretty large phone. With a 5″ screen, the Droid Maxx can’t be called “small”. Offhand, I don’t think I’d want anything bigger…

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The tools of our trade

Being the only Windows user in a mostly Mac environment, my toolset is a bit different than the rest of the team at GreenMellen. Beyond…

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Exploring the new “Android Wear” devices

Yesterday I picked up an LG G Watch, one of the first devices featuring the new “Android Wear” software. It’s a rather plain-looking device, but…

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Getting more out of Google Voice Search

Since I purchased my Droid Maxx a few weeks ago, I’ve been using Google’s Voice Search a lot more often. I find it incredibly useful…

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Gimmicks vs Features

The new line of iPhones was recently unveiled (the 5S and the 5C) and included a feature I wasn’t sure about; a fingerprint sensor to…

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Why I chose the Droid Maxx

A few years ago I purchased a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, and it’s been an awesome phone.  However, with newer operating systems, bigger apps, and…

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