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December 7, 2023


13 minutes

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Optimizing Website Conversions to Grow Your Business

There’s no shortage of digital metrics to measure, but conversions are perhaps the most important. These are the actions that actually help your business to grow. But how do you measure and improve your conversions online?

What are website conversions?

  • Form fill
  • Download a file
  • Watch a video
  • Purchase
  • Donate

What is conversion optimization?

  • Making adjustments to your website to get people to take a desired action
  • It’s an ongoing process that you must test and adjust
  • Rand Fishkin (Sparktoro) – Precise attribution is hard to measure. Share our Blumer story.
  • Less attribution, more refinement of optimization

Why does conversion matter?

  • Because these are the actions to help your business grow
  • Without a desired action, what are you aiming for?
  • This is where the true value of marketing comes in

How do you get people to convert more?

  • Pick a single call to action
  • Make it clear how to take action
  • Focus the content on the page around the action
  • Give people multiple opportunities to click a call to action
  • Make small changes and test to see how people react — A/B testing

How do you measure conversion rates?

  • Count the number of conversions
  • Count the number of website users
  • Divide the former by the later
  • You can also divide up the specific types of conversions
  • This can be done directly in Google Analytics 4 (with help from Google Tag Manager)

Do platforms outside of your website influence conversions?

  • Yes! It matters how people view your brand before seeing your website.
  • It matters what landing page they come to
  • It matters how many times & ways they’ve encountered your brand