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September 16, 2021


10 minutes

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5 Parts of a Clear Business Messaging Strategy

Effective marketing starts with saying the right words to the right people at the right time. But that can be more difficult than it sounds. A messaging strategy gives you the tools your business needs to make that happen. But how do you create a decent messaging strategy?

Show Notes

A messaging strategy is a filter to figure out the right words to say to the right people.

The 5 components of any effective messaging strategy are:

  • Audience: who are you trying to do business with?
  • Problem: what is their issue?
  • Solution: how can you help them?
  • Credibility (Guide): why should they trust you?
  • Action: what do they need to do to get started?

So where does all of this go? Use this as a filter for all of the content you create. It should be your internal guide as a team to produce a consistent brand message.