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4 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Website Messaging


Today, your website’s messaging serves as your digital sales pitch to visitors and customers alike. Because of this, it’s imperative to make sure your message is clear, compelling, and straight to the point. Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t craft their website copy to match today’s digital marketing standards and make the same mistakes over and over again.

Here are the top four mistakes you need to avoid when writing your website’s messaging.

You Talk Too Much About Yourself

This is probably the most common mistake businesses do when writing their website content. It’s natural to write about yourself (especially if it’s a website for your business), but remember this is a website for your target audience. While it’s good to mention you’ve been in business for XX years and won XX awards, your visitors may not understand how this information is relevant to them, and they become bored.

Instead of talking about yourself, talk about the benefits you bring to your customers and how you solve a problem in their lives. If you can spin the copy to demonstrate your value and your relevancy in their lives, you’ll be the clear winner.

You Communicate Too Much

People want to do business with brands who can clearly tell them who they are and what problems they can solve for them. There are too many websites that have paragraphs on top of paragraphs of content, which leaves visitors bored and disconnected from your message. Remember, website content should entice people to take the next step with your business; don’t give them all the info they need before making a decision!

Short, bite-sized content that’s tailored to peak visitor interest to take the next step with your business is what you need to aim for.

Your Messaging is Vague

Time and time again, we’ve seen website content written in a way that it could be for any company in any industry. For example, this phrase can come from a wide range of websites:

“Our mission is to provide professional solutions for your needs, which will optimize both time and cost in your best interests.”

One-size-fits-all content is not a good thing! It’s good to give specifics about your business and make your brand personality stand out. You’re not trying to write an essay; you’re trying to attract new customers and keep their attention.

Your Wording is Too Complex or Full of Jargon

The truth about website content is that visitors will rarely read every word on your web pages. They usually scan content to process the message and move on with their lives quickly. If your website content is full of complex language or industry jargon that wouldn’t make sense to the average reader, they’re not going to absorb your content as you want them to. Keep your content simple and light with the jargon, or your visitors will leave confused.

We’re human; it’s only natural we’ll make mistakes with anything, including website content. Keep these tips in mind when writing or reviewing your site’s content and you’ll have messaging that speaks to your audience the right way!

To learn more about website messaging, let’s grab a cup of coffee.

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Brooke Desmond

Communications Manager
With a passion for all things digital marketing, Brooke aims to give a unique perspective on the latest trends and ideas in this ever-changing space.

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