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Great new changes to Facebook Pages

Facebook is in the process of rolling out a few new changes for Facebook Pages, most of which will be welcomed by users.

Pages Feed

The first is a new feature called the “Pages Feed”.  It’ll eventually show up in your Facebook sidebar (as seen in the image to the right), but you can access it right now at  This page shows only content from the pages you’ve “liked” with no content from groups or friends mixed in.  More importantly, it seems to show all of the updates from those pages with apparently no EdgeRank filtering things out.

Page Notifications

For pages that you’re really interested in you’ll soon be able to choose to “Get Notifications” each time they post something new.  These will show up in your main notifications panel along with other comment and post notifications.  This will probably get messy if you turn this on for too many pages, but could be useful for pages that are very important to you.  Here it how it will look:

I’m not yet seeing it on any pages that I “like”, but it’s already beginning to roll out so we should all see it pretty soon.

(via InsideFacebook and AllFacebook)

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