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A couple of cool new tools to use with Dropbox

Over the last few years, I’ve made it quite clear that I’m a huge fan of Dropbox.  It’s so simple, so useful, and (for most users) completely free.  It’s amazing, and has helped make me a much more productive person.  If you’re not familiar with Dropbox, check out this post from a while back that explains how it works.

Dropbox Forms from JotForm

JotForm is a pretty cool site that helps you easily build forms for your site, for things like online registration, contact forms, etc.  However, they’ve recently added a new feature called “Dropbox Forms” that is quite slick — you can add a form to your site with an upload field, and anything that users upload will go directly into your Dropbox!  For people that have to receive a lot of files from clients, this seems like a great solution.  Check out their video below to see why you might want to use this new feature:


The other new thing that was just released is an iPhone app called DropVox.  It allows you to record audio with your phone, and the resulting file is uploaded directly into your Dropbox.  It’s kind of similar to the reason that I use picplz for most of my mobile photography — having the files uploaded directly to Dropbox saves you time when you’re finished because they’re already waiting for you on your computer!

If you have an iPhone, use Dropbox, and often need to take audio notes, DropVox looks like a pretty cool solution.

Do you use Dropbox? Do you use any cool third-party tools like these to make it better?

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  1. I use Dropbox some. I will definitely start using picplz. That seems like a easy way to get my photos off my phone for use elsewhere.

    • I really like that picplz saves a copy of your original image (if you use one of their filters) along with the modified one in Dropbox. It’s a slick little app.

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