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5 Tips for Working On the Go


Please check which of the following statements best describes you:

My car is my best friend.

I own a laptop because I am always on the go.

My office is really the corner Starbucks, and damn that Mocha Latte is good.

This Steering Wheel Tray looks pretty good to me. (Read the reviews… you’ll thank me later.)

All of the above

Whether  you were caught in the Atlanta Snopolcolypse or just live the life of a commuter, and answered “yes” to any of our questions, we have some tips for you.

  1. There’s an app for that.  Apps can make your life so much easier.  There are apps to help you locate free wifi, cheap gas and track your fitness.  Here are a few of our favorite apps for being remote:

    • Dropbox:  Sync your main computer to your laptop, smart phone and iPad and your documents are accessible everywhere.
    • Google Drive:  Similar to Dropbox but with the ability to update those same documents right from your mobile device.
    • Evernote:  Remember everything and stay on track.
    • Asana:  Our favorite GTD app.  We like Asana so much we blogged about it.
    • Skitch:  draw and take notes on photos and pdfs without any expensive software.  Works with Evernote.
    • IFTTT: make the Internet work for you by making your apps update each other.  (For example, your phone’s ability to track your location can be used to update your mileage on a spreadsheet in Google Drive.  Really.)


  2. Whether you always work from home, or just are constantly on the go, write out a routine and try to stick to it.  Driving can be the ultimate productivity suck.  You’ll need to take tight control of your calendar by scheduling time to work.  Here are some other tips for being productive. 

  4. Stay hydrated.  Water improves every aspect of your physical and mental well being.  Keep a bottle of water ALWAYS in your car.  I promise, you’ll drink it if its there.

  6. Buy a hot spot if you really are out and about all the time.  It’s more secure than free wifi and it’s speed and reliability will maximize that time you spend working at your kid’s baseball practice.

  8. Stay on task.  This is a hard one for me, but you’ll accomplish more if you do not multi-task.  If you need help in this area, here’s a great blog post by 99U for apps that help you stay focused.    I also highly recommend for tracking your time.  Having the handy timer (which also works on mobile devices) helps me stay on task, and you can export the reports of your time, which helps with billing.


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