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2016 in Review


2016 was a very busy year at GreenMellen. Looking back at the last 12 months, I thought it was important to take a look at some noteworthy metrics.

146 Managed Websites

We truly have some of the best clients and 2016 brought even more. We’re proud to have managed 146 websites this past year. Take a look at our work to see some of our newest launched websites! Personally, HopeQuest tops my list of favorite projects last year. The site looks great and the HopeQuest team was a pleasure to work with, which always makes the project even more enjoyable.

1 New Team Member

Brooke Martens joined the GreenMellen team as our Digital Content Coordinator in March! Brooke and I worked together before I joined GreenMellen in 2015, and I was so excited to have her join our team. Ali and I are officially outnumbered with all of these Michigan natives around! You can read more about Brooke here.

124 Blogs Published

GreenMellen was busy blogging in 2016, as well! Mickey also revived his personal blog in late 2016. Stats

A review of 2016 wouldn’t be complete without a look at analytics. Last year, the GreenMellen site had 61,451 page views and 25,477 Visitors.

158,977 Total Emails

If you know anything about the GreenMellen team, you know we are big fans of Inbox Zero. I can’t explain the satisfaction I feel when my Google Inbox shows me an empty inbox. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get emails – as a team, we actually had 158,977 total emails!

Additional Office Space

The GreenMellen office got a little makeover in 2016. Our studio in the Marietta Station expanded by 191 square feet.

43 Meetups Attended

As you probably know, education is one of our core beliefs. Over the past year, we’ve attended 43 Meetups in the Atlanta area. Our monthly WordPress Meetup All Things WordPress also had 1,049 attendees in 2016.

4 Conferences Attended

In addition to Meetups, our team attended 4 conferences in 2016. In February, Ali and Mickey attended Owner’s Summit. We joined our WordPress community at WordCamp Atlanta in March. Ali, Chantelle and I attended the HOW design conference here in Atlanta in May. Lastly, Brooke, Mickey and I rounded out the year with WordCamp US in Philadelphia.

5 New Slack Channels

We love Slack! Our Slack channels are a big part of our communication as a team.

37 Updates to GM Block Bots

Our plugin Block Bots was updated 37 times! If you are looking to remove those spam referrals and clean up your analytics, grab our plugin.

New Hardware

This past year was a busy year for new hardware. Our team as a whole gained 2 new MacBooks, 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 1 Chromebook, 2 new iPhones, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Mickey updated his phone 6 times.

53 Team Lunches on the Marietta Square

Working on the Square, we are lucky to be so close to some of the best food Marietta has to offer; we take advantage of that weekly! Our top 2 favorites are Sugar Cakes and Taqueria Tsunami, bringing in the top 18% of our yearly team lunch visits.

 747 Slices of Bacon Consumed

So, when I said I was measuring the metrics from 2016, did you expect we would measure bacon? Well, bacon is a popular topic of conversation around the GreenMellen office. As we mentioned above, Sugar Cakes is one of our favorite stops for lunch on the square. One big reason for this is their BLT. Mickey claims this bacon is the best in town.

14,876 M&Ms Consumed

One thing you can always find in our office is M&Ms. We keep a mix of peanut, peanut butter and regular M&Ms in a canister on a shelf, and some days they are just what you need as a pick-me-up.

 Click here to download the full 2016 at GreenMellen infographic. 

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