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Why is No One Coming to My Website?


This blog’s title is a question or observation we regularly get from our clients when they come to us for a new website. We get it; it’s incredibly frustrating not to be found online. While there are plenty of ways to answer this, here are the top reasons why no one is noticing or visiting your website.

Is Your Website New to the Web?

If you just recently launched your website, one thing you must understand is that web traffic takes some time. That being said, there are some actions you can take to get people to your new website.

 Be Patient

Even if your website was built correctly, Google still needs time to discover it and develop trust in your content’s quality. From defining who would search for your site to deciding on where it needs to be placed in search results, search engines have to take everything into account so be patient while this gets completed.

Gain Traction on Social Media

If you haven’t started social media pages for your brand, make it a priority to take care of it soon. While you aren’t required to be on all social media platforms, you should be on the ones where your audience interacts with the most. Aim to have between two to three social media accounts, and once your pages are set up, you need to be active on them. Post and/or share at least three times per week, to start, and engage with your followers as much as possible.

Start Your Blog

Now that your website is live, you can now build out your blog to help your website get found quicker. Start blogging monthly, but aim to post something new weekly. If you are curious about what to blog about, try to add variety to your blog. Write about industry-related topics, common FAQs your clients have, and even local events happening in your area. For a visual impact, consider adding images, charts, videos and anything that could involve more engagement. Keep in mind, the better your content’s quality, the better it will be for your traffic.

Has Your Website Been Live For a While?

If your website is not new and you’re finding its engagement has been slipping, now is a great time to do an audit of your current site. Below are some common reasons why your site has started losing traction.

Check Your Site’s Speed

Kissmetrics recently published a study that shows 40% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. What’s more is that every additional second it takes to load will decrease customer satisfaction by roughly 16%. If you’re finding your website is loading slowly, there are plenty of ways to improve your site’s speed.

Make it Responsive

While it wasn’t at one point, responsive web design is no longer optional for websites. It is used as a ranking factor on Google, and your site will more than likely be viewed on a smartphone. Along with building out your social media presence, this needs to be a top priority for your business if you do not have it in place.

Make it Simpler

While you’re auditing your website, it’s important to look at how complicated it is as a whole. If your pages don’t spell out their purpose or if it’s hard to find your navigation, it might be time to rethink your web design. Your site should never confuse your users and needs to be as simple as possible.

Utilize Organic SEO

Implementing keyword-focused content into your web pages is a great way to gain attention from people who are searching to find businesses like you. While there are many tools out there, our SEO blog is loaded with tips on organic SEO for your content. By utilizing these strategies, you should see more visitors who want to do business with you.

Are You Still Having Problems?

Contact us! We’d love to dive deeper into your website and find out why your site is lacking the visitors you want.

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