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The FAQs Page: Why Your Website Needs One Now


As we all know, your business’s website is a very valuable asset. While it serves as your digital storefront and gives viewers a glimpse into your brand, it’s also a huge part of a consumer’s decision for doing business with you. When these visitors have questions about your products/services or your business in general, they will look to find your frequently asked questions (FAQs) page before they contact you directly.

When visitors feel like they have the answers they need to make a buying decision, they will have better insight to make an informed decision. The business that allows them to reach this decision the easiest will win a new customer.

This reason alone should answer the question of why your website needs a FAQs page, but we’ve listed some other key benefits you need to know about having a FAQs page for your website.

Better Inform Your Audience

This point is a given. You consumers will naturally have questions, so giving them answers straight from the source is always best. Plus, a well-organized FAQs section will help your visitors get the answers they need quicker. This will, in turn, save them time from calling or emailing you with their questions and save you time from answering the same concerns over and over again.

Better SEO

How many times have you personally Googled a question and found your answer through a FAQs page? We would think at least more than once. With Google’s Answer Box showing up above the highest organic result in a search, you have the potential to improve your organic SEO.

You can even enhance your SEO one step further by hyperlinking each question to its own separate page or a blog post about the topic. This will give each question a better chance to surface to a top results page.

More Traffic

This point goes hand in hand with the point above. Not all of your visitors will enter your website through your homepage. When you have a page dedicated to your customers’ common questions, chances are there are many other people having the same curiosity. Once these visitors enter your website through your FAQs page, they may be intrigued to poke around other pages on your website.

Adds Credibility

When you take the time to create an informative FAQs page, you will be seen as an expert within your industry by proving that you run and operate a professional organization. This will not only establish trust by showing that your company is transparent, but it will also show you have been in business long enough to know what your customers want and need to know.

Streamline The Buying Process

Your FAQs page can play an important role in the buyer’s journey, so take advantage by ending a few answers with a call to action that links to a product or service page. This will also help customers see how you can make their lives better and take immediate action with you.

If you take the time to strategically plan out your website’s FAQs page, this section will become a valuable resource for your customer base. Start building your FAQs page and see firsthand how your website can become a go-to knowledge base for your customers!

To learn more about FAQ pages, contact GreenMellen today!

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