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October 14, 2021


13 minutes

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Why Should Your Business Care About Marketing Funnels?

Every business has a marketing funnel, whether they realize it or not. Some businesses recognize parts of the funnel that aren’t working and optimize them. But what if you aren’t intentional about your funnel? What if you don’t know what a funnel is? We can help you get started.

A marketing funnel is essentially a path for how users could interact with your marketing content as they move closer to becoming a customer with your business.

An example of a marketing funnel

  • A business might be found through a search engine by a potential customer.
  • The customer lands on their website and reads a blog post on the topic they searched for.
  • They then download a related free PDF resource.
  • This means giving up their email address to get the resource and join the mailing list.
  • This drops them into an automated welcome series of emails
  • After the first three emails, they eventually make their first purchase.

The stages of a marketing funnel

  • Awareness: getting to know you. Think about meeting a new person.
  • Consideration: let me think about that. Think about asking them out on a date.
  • Conversion: count me in. Think about a marriage proposal.
  • Loyalty: I really like you. Think about staying married.

Tips for getting started.

  • List out all of your marketing efforts. Label which stage they fit into
  • Map out the connections between platforms.
  • Eliminate anything that isn’t driving business growth.
  • Begin tracking how people move through these stages.
  • Optimize places where bottlenecks occur.