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October 28, 2021


9 minutes

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Using Growth-Driven Design to Build Better Websites

Company websites can take a long time to create and cost a major piece of your marketing budget. What if there was a quicker and cheaper way to build a website that was also more responsive to your audience’s needs?

That’s the idea behind Growth-Driven Design, a more modern way to build websites.

Growth-Driven Design is a very different approach to web design, more of an iterative approach rather than one big swoop. They have a full course at Growth-Driven

There are three main phases:

  • Strategy with user research
  • Build starting with a launch pad
  • Learn with continuous and proactive improvement

This new approach is worth considering because it’s faster and has less upfront costs. However, it doesn’t work as well for larger, more established websites.

We recently adopted some of the elements of GDD at GreenMellen. This has allowed us to be more strategic rather than being one-and-done. It gives us a more clear path to continue improvements.