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Optimizing Your Emails for Mobile


Compared to other digital marketing efforts, email marketing is probably the one that businesses are the most familiar with. However, many are still falling short of getting the most value out of this channel, as they are not optimized for their mobile audience.

People have been relying on their mobile devices more and more for just about anything, including reading their emails. According to Litmus, more than 50% of emails were opened on a mobile device in 2015, and this percentage has shown a pattern that it will increase every year. This means businesses’ emails need to be tailored to capture the attention of their mobile viewers.

If you’re finding your mobile-friendly email marketing efforts to be a challenge, keep these tips in mind when optimizing your emails for mobile and start engaging with your audience where they view their emails most!

Pick a Responsive Template

No matter how you choose to send your emails, it’s wise to send them in a responsive template so they fit whatever screen the viewer sees them from. Most email providers (such as MailChimp) have predesigned templates for their users to choose from, which takes away the stress of having to design a responsive one from scratch. There is also word that email services like Gmail will be able to support emails created with responsive design to ensure your email design is cohesive on all devices.

Content > Images

Screen real estate in a mobile-optimized email is very valuable, so it’s important to focus more on the message instead of images. Don’t overdesign your emails with a lot of images and avoid embedding large image files, as these may take too long to load on phones. A clear, impactful message will trump visual effects every time.

Be Conscious with Your Content

With content being the “bread and butter” of an email, take some time to craft the perfect message. Every character counts with mobile emails, so pay attention to every word on each email, from the “from” label to your footer. Also, be mindful of subject line characters, as some phones will display less characters than others.

Choose One CTA

Don’t distract your viewers with calls-to-action all over the body copy; focus on one main CTA and write your email around getting viewers to click it. Clearly state in the email what you want the viewers to do and make it as easy as possible to do it. Lastly, keep in mind that a finger is the new mouse, so make sure it’s easy for them to take action with your call-to-action.

Be Mindful with Design

If you’re mobile-optimized emails have to be anything, make sure they are both clean and simple. The email’s body text size should not be smaller than 14pt font and 22pt for headlines, and break up the text so it doesn’t look too lengthy. Try to use a strong contrast of colors, as this will be easier to read for those who have dimmed their phones to save battery. Finally, test your emails on your phone before sending and make design adjustments, as needed.

Sending mobile-optimized emails is a smart marketing move for any business. Don’t miss out on engaging with your mobile viewers; design your emails in their favor and you’ll be recognized for it!

For more information about responsive emails or email marketing, contact GreenMellen Media day!

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