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All Things WordPress: Getting the Most Out of Your Email Marketing


Even with the high amount of emails users receive on a daily basis, email marketing has an ROI of 3800%. That means for every $1 spent, email marketing will generate $38! Although it may seem like emails are the best bet to acquire new customers, many businesses are missing the mark on their email marketing efforts and losing valuable dollars and customers every day.

In this Meetup, Mickey discussed different email automation tools and their features, how to write the most effective copy for emails, and what kinds of campaigns a business should send out on a regular basis for customer acquisition.

In case you missed the Meetup, check out the slides and video below. We hope to see you at the next All Things WordPress Meetup.

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Brooke Desmond

Communications Manager
With a passion for all things digital marketing, Brooke aims to give a unique perspective on the latest trends and ideas in this ever-changing space.

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