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google analytics

Switching Your Website Data From Google Analytics 4 to Fathom

There are many options when considering which platform to track your website’s analytics. Google Analytics is an option most of our clients use and many…

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Google Analytics in real life

A few months back, Google created a series of videos titled “Google Analytics in Real Life”.  They show how some of the silly things that…

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Nice updates to the Google Analytics interface

We’re big fans of Google Analytics.  It’s a very powerful (free!) tool that allows you to see in-depth insights about your website visitors.  You can…

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How to make it all come together

Over the years, I’ve discussed a lot of ideas to help your business flourish online and today I’m going to show you what it looks…

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The basics of Google Analytics

Most of my clients use Google Analytics.  In fact, most people I meet online use Google Analytics.  However, many of them don’t know how to…

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Don’t be like a “University Website”

A few weeks back, the popular comic strip xkcd posted an image titled “University Website“.  It was simply a Venn diagram that showed the difference…

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Being productive on the road

I’ve worked hard for the last few years to be productive while away from the office, but a recent trip to Michigan showed me what…

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