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November 25, 2021


9 minutes

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Why You Should Bother With Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is an often overlooked, but vitally important part of effective website development.

Accessibility is essentially making sure that ALL users can consume the content on your website, even if they have disabilities (such as vision impairment) that could make it difficult.

3reasons to address accessibility on your website

  1. To naturally improve your SEO
  2. To avoid unnecessary Lawsuits
  3. It’s the right thing to do.

7 practical ways to improve your website’s accessibility

  1. Don’t use an accessibility overlay:
  2. WordPress Themes
  3. Include alt text: Also, pictures of pictures and text of text
  4. Don’t open links in new tabs
  5. Website Form fields
  6. Add an accessibility statement
  7. Use #CamelCaseHashtags

Those might seem daunting so here is one small step to get started. Use the WAVE tool at to do an accessibility check of your website.