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How to easily make a year-end wrap of your most popular posts

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The year is closing and it’s time to put a bow on all we’ve accomplished for 2013.  Here’s a peek at what our readers found the most interesting on our blog this year (and an interesting note that not all the posts were written this year).

  1. A timeline of Louis Zamperini’s journey
  2. Why we switched to Asana for tasks
  3. James B. Nutter is in hiding, I guess
  4. 10 days to organize your digital life
  5. Why I chose the Droid Maxx
  6. Creating tiled galleries with Jetpack 2.1
  7. Get 12 gifts for Christmas from Apple
  8. How to add a Google +1 (Plus One) button to your site
  9. File Types: What do they mean?
  10. Why do I need to worry about WordPress updates?

How to easily make your own year-end wrap of your most popular posts (PS: you should):

If you use WordPress plus Google Analytics and want to do a “year in review” post of 2013 for your site’s most popular content.  This is a great exercise to know what your readers find interesting and share with them some content that maybe they missed.

Googler +Adam Singer built a “most popular 2013 posts” Custom Report that will quickly give you a list of your most popular posts this year.   Read below for his instructions on pulling this off for yourself.

P.S.: On a side note, Facebook has a year in review link too and it’s awesome but so far, it doesn’t work for pages (Boo Facebook… Boo!). Here’s a direct link to see how your year turned out.

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