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WordPress 4.7 is Now Available! Check Out What’s New


It’s been about four months since the last WordPress release, and 4.7 has been long awaited by many. Check out the newest features available with the latest WordPress version and click here to download it.

User Admin Languages

For international businesses, this is probably the best new addition to WordPress. Before 4.7, your admins could only work in one language across the whole website. Now, every admin/user can choose their language within their profile.

Custom CSS and Live Previews

While it’s always been fairly easy to make changes to your WordPress website, it’s now even easier with Custom CSS and live previews. This update allows you to see real-time changes made, which will save you time when creating a child theme and/or child editor.

Editor Changes

Even tough WordPress 4.7 will bring a lot of new things to the table, it’s also removing some functions from the editor. This includes getting rid of the underline and justify buttons in the toolbar options. Why are these going away? Many have expressed that underlined words look like links. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you can’t underline your content anymore. Keyword shortcuts will still be available, and if you don’t know how to execute these you can hover over a button and the shortcut will be revealed.

PDF Thumbnails

Ever upload the wrong PDF to your Library or a page? Well, now you can preview your files before adding them to a page with PDF thumbnails.

Custom Page Template Functionality

Calling all plugin developers: this one’s for you! WordPress 4.7’s Custom Page Template Functionality is much like page templates and allow you dedicate a template name in the page attributes metabox. This change has been four years in the making and will be an awesome feature for any developer to use.

Take some time today and update your WordPress website with 4.7. Avoid being hacked and experience the most up-to-date WordPress features now!

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