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WordPress 4.5 is Now Available! Check Out What’s New


WordPress 4.5 was released moments ago and you can download it from the download page right now. Below are just some of the awesome new features you’ll experience with the 4.5 update:

Theme Logo Support

A long-awaited feature of WordPress has been the capability to add theme logo from customizer, and WordPress 4.5 will allow users to add theme logo support to WordPress core. Even though some premium WordPress themes have allowed users to upload a custom logo using their own options panel, it’s now possible for users to do that from the theme customizer.

Inline Text Editing

The visual editor will see a lot of improvements with 4.5 to improve the writing experience. Using the key shortcut CTRL+K (or Command+K for Mac) allows users to insert links into posts. While 4.4 and lower opened up an “insert link” popup, 4.5 will show an inline insert link menu. This will allow you to create URLs and writing your post, all without removing your hands from the keyboard.

Responsive Preview in Customizer

WordPress 4.5 will now allow you to preview your responsive website right in the customizer. Desktop, tablet, and mobile preview icons will be displayed at the bottom of the customize menu, providing you with a general preview of how your site will look on multiple devices.

Login Using Email Address

If you have multiple sites to manage and keep track of all of your usernames, WordPress 4.5 is going to make your life just a little easier. It’s much easier to forget your username than your email, and WordPress is now recognizing this. Since each WordPress user already has an email address associated with their account, they can now use their email address to login.

Optimized Image Size Generation

In the last WordPress update, we were introduced to responsive images viewing. WordPress 4.5 will improve this feature even more. Now, images will optimize further to reduce their site up to 50% without any visible quality loss.

With 91 changes made, it’s possible they have missed a plugin or theme. That being said, we encourage you to test this version through the WordPress Beta Tester. There are many more changed to highlight than we’ve listed.

Download WordPress 4.5 for your yourself and let us know what you’re looking forward to the most with this release.

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