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What to Expect When Working with a Web Agency


Your website is one of your most important digital assets, which is why so many businesses go to a web design agency to create their site and digital marketing. No matter your budget or goals, there are certain principles you should come to expect when working with an agency.

Take a look at what to expect when working with a web agency on your website or digital marketing strategies.

They Will Explain Their Unique Process

All agencies should have a set step-by-step process and walk you through what to expect during each phase of your project. While this will more than likely happen before the project begins, it’s up to the agency to remind you of what’s going on during each step and what you need to do to help streamline the process. It’s important to ask any questions or have them explain anything unclear to you, and it’s also worth making sure every person involved in the project hears this process.

Speaking of other people, in our history, the most successful and streamlined projects are usually due to the support of a marketing person from your team. If you are the CEO or business owner, working alongside an agency can be a very time intensive process, and if your days are already full, this could lead to a much longer process than anticipated. If you have someone in-house who can manage the communications with the agency, not only will you be relieved of this time, but the end product will be completed sooner.

You’ll Be Asked Plenty of Questions

Web agencies want to make sure they understand your goals, visions, and objectives as much as possible, so get ready to get asked a lot of questions. The main reason for this is because, more likely than not, agencies are not subject-matter experts in your field. While they will do their due diligence and research as much about your industry as possible, they will rely heavily on your insight to make sure everything is in line with your specific pain points and goals.

You’ll Need to Explain Your Budget and Timeline Early

While this may be one of the first questions any agency asks before submitting a proposal, it’s essential to share all your details about your budget and timeline as soon as possible. This allows the web agency to make sure they can accommodate your needs within your timeframe. If you ever have any changes in either, tell them as soon as possible.

You Should Know Who to Contact

Throughout your project, you will have questions or feedback for deliverables. You should know exactly who to contact during the project. Whether it’s a project manager or someone different depending on what phase of the project you’re in, knowing this information upfront will do wonders in the future.

Collaboration is Key for a Successful Outcome

Once your project kicks off, the agency will put their expertise to work, but there’s one missing ingredient. If there’s one thing you need to take away from this post, it’s this: your involvement with the process is absolutely crucial for a successful final product. If you work with an agency that says, “okay, we’ll send you your website next week,” that’s a huge red flag.

Any digital marketing project you bring to an agency should be a collaborative effort. Even if you don’t know the first thing about digital marketing, you have valuable insight into your business that agencies need to guide them in their decisions. Collaboration isn’t just significant between the team and the client, but between the different roles within the organization too. A website would not be successful if the design team did not work with the development team or the project manager did not communicate details to the whole team. Collaboration is very vital for every step of your digital marketing; get ready to embrace it!

All web agencies are different in the way they handle their projects, but hopefully, this short list will better prepare you on what you can expect no matter where you go.

If you’re looking for a web agency to help you with your project, we’d like to put our hat in the ring! Contact GreenMellen and let’s discuss what we can create for you.

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