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Ello? Anyone out there? Ello is the new social network that RJ Metrics predicts is here to stay. We’ve already shared our thoughts on this new network, and this week, we’re sharing a new cheat sheet too. Interested in Ello? Comment with your username and we will follow you. If you’re not, but want to be, ask us to invite you.


We’ve mentioned before that search engine marketing is evolving now that more and more people are just “asking Siri” for information. Here are some Best Practices for Mobile SEO via Mobile Marketing


Panda Update 4.1: News, Content Sites and Download Portals win – Games, Lyrics and some Medical Portals lose

Chromebooks (and Chromeboxes!) are awesome. Adobe is upping the ante in the school market by releasing Photoshop for Chromebooks

Interesting Articles:

My brother is a pretty big deal in the online recruiting business. His website features incredibly well written and well researched job descriptions for his current openings. Unfortunately, the better Harry gets at creating content, the more often someone just scrapes a copy from his site and posts it on their own. This is a common problem for successful bloggers.  How to Defend Against Content Theft from the Search Engine Journal is a great article on some tips and tricks you can use to protect your content.

More from the blog:

Do you have a crisis plan in place for your business? Your reaction to a crisis often is what matters the most.

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