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ellie_came_to_visitWe were fortunate enough to have a long-time client’s daughter come spend two days with us last week to “intern” with GreenMellen. Ellie Epperson, daughter of Natalie Epperson of AddONE, was an absolute delight to work with. As a rising sophomore at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, we were wowed by her professionalism. She also brings great treats! Thank you, Ellie!
Here is a blog post she wrote after her time with us.

Last week I was given the opportunity to “shadow” the members of the GreenMellen team. Going in, I was originally somewhat nervous- I had never done anything with graphic design before. However, the combination of Ali’s sunny disposition and the delicious biscuits made by Mrs. Mellen soon dissolved my anxiety. Ali just started to cover the basics with me about WordPress and many other helpful websites and applications when they had a colleague come in for a meeting. Although the majority of the content of the meeting was over my head, it was amazing for me to see how everyone interacted and  worked together, and the process of building a website.

The next day, I was able to meet Chantelle, and watching her multi-task on two different projects was amazing. Then I spent the rest of the morning watching Ali design a “save the date” card. It was so interesting to see all the little things that go into it; I have never appreciated it because I have only ever seen the final product. Overall, I loved my time at GreenMellen. They were all so welcoming, and they all worked together so well. I loved being able to see how a company works, and the basics of graphic design.

Ellie Epperson
Rising 10th Grader at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School

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