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Top 5 Content Types to Share on Your Business Facebook Page


There’s no denying the power of Facebook for businesses of all sizes, and if you’re looking to improve your social presence, this is the platform to start with. Even though Facebook has seen a drop in younger users, it’s still a powerful marketing tool if used effectively. In order to utilize it to its full potential, you need to create and/or post content that sparks engagement, showcases your brand’s personality/culture, and encourages non-followers to become a follower.

Take a look at the top five types of content that can do just that on your Facebook page.

Your Blog Posts

Blogging provides an array of benefits for both your website and social media. Organic blog posts that you created yourself should always shine on your business Facebook page. You not only add your voice and opinion to a particular topic, but it helps elevate yourself as an industry leader in your field. Pick trending topics that your audience would be interested in and encourage your followers to comment on them through your social post.


The easiest way to get your Facebook followers, and potential followers, excited is by offering them limited-time offers. By doing this, you’re giving your followers a chance to take their relationship with you to the next level and persuading non-followers to see what else you have to offer. Also, discounts and offers spread like wildfire with your followers, which will also increase your exposure.

Industry-Related Tips and Tricks

Some social media sites are more business-oriented than others, but Facebook is the Jack of all trades. That makes Facebook a great place to share any industry-related tips and tricks for your Facebook followers. Whether these are achieved through a blog, video, podcast or infographic, this builds trust with your audience. Remember, people can see when you’re trying to oversell yourself or over promote your business, so aim to highlight the benefits and features more than yourself.

News and Announcements

People like to do business with brands who feel more like a person instead of a…well, brand. That’s why it’s nice to share exciting news and announcements like employee birthdays, company gatherings/parties, new product/services, and more. If you have a fun culture, share it loud and proud on your Facebook page; these types of posts will better connect you with your audience on a broader and more personal level.

Shared Content

Don’t be a brand that over boasts yourself on Facebook; it comes off very impersonal. That’s why you should share other brands/business’s content, and why wouldn’t you want to?! With so many fantastic content creators out there, take advantage of it and show what else is out there. Whether it’s news, achievements or just something cool, you’ll get yourself out of your bubble and open your followers to new things.

Let your Facebook page shine with these kinds of content types and start building your following base, social engagement, and social personality.

If you want to learn more about Facebook for businesses, get in touch with GreenMellen.

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