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Think outside the tri fold

There is certainly a time and place for a tri fold brochure, but why limit yourself? There are so many options out there that could really give your marketing piece an updated look.

Double-Parallel-FoldDouble Parellel Fold
The piece is first folded in half and then folded in half again. The folds are parallel to each other. Also known as a quarter fold.

4-Panel-Roll-Fold4 Panel Roll Fold
A brochure which is continuously folded inward at one end as if you are rolling the piece up.

Accordion-FoldAccordion Fold
A sheet, typically printed on only one side, is folded twice in right angles to form a W-shape.

Gate-FoldGate Fold
Both sides of an oversize page are folded into the gutter, creating overlapping layers (like opening a gate). When fastened with a round wafer seal, the piece can be mailed.

Double-Gate-FoldDouble Gate Fold
This is a single gate fold (above), with an additional fold on the center.

A paper fold represented by back and forth folds into three panels.

Half-FoldHalf Fold

The half fold is commonly used for brochures and greeting cards.

Half-Tri-FoldHalf Tri Fold
An oversized sheet is folded in half and then tri-folded.

tri-foldThe Trusty Tri Fold
A fold where a three panel piece has both side sections folded inward, one on top of the other each section is approximately 1/3 the length of the piece. Also known as a C-fold or letter-fold.

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