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Want more clicks on your Tweets? Skip the hashtags.

Starting with a small suggestion from Chris Messina in 2007 to help organize a group on Twitter, the hashtag has become a huge part of…

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Getting started with Ello

Over the past week, the social networking site Ello has taken the internet by storm. It remains to be seen if it’ll stick around, but…

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How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Most of our clients have a wish list for online marketing, but they always encounter an obstacle when trying to execute. Most aren’t sure how to prioritize and accomplish their…

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Social Media Lessons from a Flat Tire

So today I got a flat tire. A flat tire is never welcome, but the timing for this one was really bad. I was stuck…

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Public or Private: Which Should You Set Your Social Media Accounts to?

Should you set your social accounts to private to protect yourself, but risk fewer people seeing your online content? Or should you share everything publically, but potentially expose yourself to privacy concerns? There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.

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Social media isn’t just 9-to-5

One of the great things about social media is that it can be a 24/7 avenue to connect with your customers. While we all need…

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Don’t forget your “other” inboxes

When we talk about inboxes, like we did a few days ago with our inbox zero post, people naturally assume we’re referring to email inboxes…

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My favorite mobile apps right now

Our buddy Joe Turner just picked up a Nexus 10 tablet and was asking what my favorite apps were, so I thought it’d be a…

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Make sure your content is in your control

We’re big believers in social media. We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and others on a daily basis. However, we also believe that it’s…

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How to find customers on Twitter

If used correctly, Twitter can be an amazing tool for outreach.  The ability to essentially see what people are thinking and doing, and then jump…

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The best Super Bowl ad was free

With ad prices as high as $3.8 million for a 30-second spot, advertising in last night’s Super Bowl certainly wasn’t cheap.  There were a few…

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Best apps for your new phone or tablet

If you just received a new phone or tablet as a gift, you’ve probably been digging in and downloading lots of great apps for it….

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The two sides of social media on your site

When building new websites for people, they typically want social media icons included — and we agree completely!  With the vast hours that people spend…

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Did your Google traffic drop? Here’s why

Google shuffles their search results constantly and applies many different small changes to their algorithm.  However, in the past few months Google has released a…

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Some great tools to help with Twitter

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying out a lot of new tools to help improve my experience with Twitter.  Some were inspired by…

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