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Why we switched from Asana to Teamwork

(admin note: we’ve recently switched back to Asana, which you can read about here) A few years ago we made a major switch from Nozbe…

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Why we switched to Asana for tasks

Last month, Ali wrote a post that breaks down how we get things done at GreenMellen. It’s a list of tools that is constantly being…

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Why don’t you have an iPad?

I enjoy tech gadgets, and I tend to have quite a few of them.  I have a variety of computers, a Flip video camera, a…

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Don’t let the meta drag you down; the two minute rule

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, keeping my inbox at zero is a huge part of my organizational process, and I attribute much of…

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Stop trying to remember things

One of the basic ideas behind GTD is what David Allen calls “mind like water” — keep your mind clear by keeping your tasks in…

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Being productive on the road

I’ve worked hard for the last few years to be productive while away from the office, but a recent trip to Michigan showed me what…

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What I want in a task management system

I’ve been using Nozbe for a while now to manage my tasks, and overall I’m quite happy with it.  It’s certainly got some quirks and…

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Organize Your Digital Life 7 – Organize your tasks

This is the seventh in a series of posts in the Organize Your Digital Life series. Without a doubt, task management is one area of…

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