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The Basics of Business Online Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of monitoring and engaging with online reviews and other third-party reflections on your business. These various platforms form your online reputation—a reputation that should be actively watched after and managed.

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Own Your Search Results Page With More Than Just Your Website

When it comes to ranking well in search results, there are two very different areas where people tend to focus.

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The One Magical Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Website Visibility

There are plenty of things that the first point could refer to. However, there’s one thing that rises above all of the others, and it’s far more common than I’d like to see.

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The Google Design Resizer and a bookmarklet to make it simple

Google has just released a nifty Design Resizer to help quickly test your website in various mobile sizes to help check for responsive issues. It’s…

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Mobile-friendly websites to get a rankings boost starting in April

We’ve been talking about the benefits of mobile responsive web design for a few years now. Not only is it easier to manage, but it’s…

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Speed up your browsing with “Custom Search Engines” in Google Chrome

We’re always looking for ways to get things done more efficiently. Very simply, if we can save time throughout the day we can get more…

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Keywords 101: 4 Phases of Keyword Research

“Hey Siri… Where can I buy an apple?” It all starts with a web search. Keywords, simply put, are the words typed into a search…

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What is the “duplicate content penalty”?

If you’ve done much research into search engine optimization, you’ve likely heard that you should be wary of duplicate content to avoid a penalty from…

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How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Most of our clients have a wish list for online marketing, but they always encounter an obstacle when trying to execute. Most aren’t sure how to prioritize and accomplish their…

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Google’s new Material Design

Google unveiled a fascinating new design language a few weeks ago at their I/O Keynote. The new language is called Material Design, and the principles are well documented…

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Google doesn’t change the rules for SEO

There are a lot of misconceptions in this world. Should you shake a Polaroid picture to make it develop more quickly? No. Is the “getting…

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Google’s Panda 4.0 Review

On Tuesday, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, announced via Twitter that Google was pushing out their updated Panda Algorithm, code-named Panda 4.0. Google is…

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Google+ Introduces Stories and Movies

Google+ released two promising new updates this week: Stories and Movies. Stories: Users’ photos and videos automatically combine to create a slick timeline of your…

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How to get your WordPress website found on Google

Every business struggles at one point or another with how to be found by Google. Wading through the overwhelming amount of information online about marketing…

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Meetup: Climbing to the top of Google in 2014 – WordPress plugins and best practices

    Climbing to the of Google in 2014 from Mickey Mellen There is an old joke in the Property / Real Estate business: Question:…

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