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I first started dabbling in SEO for some personal projects back in 1999, and we’ve been soaking up knowledge and keeping up with Google’s changes ever since.  The SEO category of this blog has hundreds of posts dating back as far as 2005, so this isn’t something new for us. To show you some of what we’ve done, here are some clients that have done very well over the past few years.

A home builder in Atlanta

An Atlanta-based home builder saw a huge rise in traffic after we launched their new website. Their organic traffic from Google for the three months prior to launch was 548 visits. In the three months after launch it rose to 3354 visits — a 600% increase!

Results this dramatic are not common, but if things are done correctly you can see quite a rise. In this case, simply adding more keyword-rich content to the site made all the difference.

A daily devotional site

This is a site that already had a large following but the website had some substantial technical issues, primarily related to speed. The new site launched in mid-May, 2016; the chart below shows traffic from Google for the 11 months prior to that March compared to the 11 months after. They had 54,147 visits from Google in the year before, which is already very strong, but it more than doubled to 110,155 in the year after. Speed matters.

A home products company

This company has been around for nearly 100 years, and it was time for another refresh of their website. Their primary goal was a fresh look and more products on the site, but we did some SEO work as well.

Thanks largely to the additional products on the site and the new mobile-friendly design, traffic has soared. Their new site launched in September 2015, so here is a similar look at Google traffic for the 11 months on either side of the launch — from 14,404 visits up to 22,024 visits, a rise of over 50%.

A home services company

This company wasn’t too different from the previous one, but is service-based rather than product-based. In addition, this is a site where we worked within their existing framework to optimize it, rather than building a fully-optimized site from scratch.

It took a while to see the results, but they hit some all-time highs in less than a year. The red arrow on the chart below shows when we started working with them, and the peak at the end (in March 2016) was more than double the organic traffic from the previous March and is a level they’ve sustained since then.

A local dance company

Our daughter has been attending this dance school for years now, and the owners are wonderful. They came to me because they’d gone through three different companies and no one could figure out why their Google traffic was so low.

While I initially considered lack of content and local competition as being major problems (and they are), something just didn’t seem right. After just a few minutes, we found their problem, fixed it, and traffic soared (the red arrow is when we made that change).

What’s more remarkable is that the chart above shows their total traffic on the website. Here is the same chart, showing only the traffic from Google:

The little things can make a big difference. The students pay that school quite a lot of money each year, and they undoubtedly missed out on a ton of potential students for the years that they had the issue on their site.

SEO is never the same

If your website has major issues, like the dance studio or daily devotional sites above, we can fix what’s broken and you’ll see amazing results. Even if your site is running well, we can still make an impact by researching the right keywords and applying them properly throughout your site.

If your website isn’t getting the traffic that you think it deserves, come talk to us and we’ll show you what’s possible. We’re happy to give you a free audit so we can get an idea of the expected results and help your traffic reach new heights.

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